, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend).

. I'd say the two of you just need to talk and reach an agreement.


If your partner is not over their ex, you may feel their lack of commitment in your relationship.

They may also have leftover feelings for them. Here are the warning signs, from the experts: 1. If it was some disastrous breakup, maybe keeping tabs on them is your way of protecting yourself (if you know where they are, it.


I'd say the two of you just need to talk and reach an agreement. When I first noticed she was viewing my profile I ignored it. .

The second you dabble into these petty games, you’re sucked in. Yes, very normal.



Being a backup has the advantage of making it clear when you are needed as a ‘last-minute replacement. Yes, very normal.

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I honestly can't figure out why my ex continues to drive by my house and call me with a private number after leaving me almost 2 yrs.
You Google “he ended it but still contacts me,” and so.
My ex got in contact with her previous SO 4-5 months into our relationship then again 4 years in.

Again, your ex isn't going to tell you how they still feel about you.

Most people are logical in there relationships, and not logical in their interaction.

. My ex. .

. How Your Ex-Wife Can Legally Keep Your Kids From You. . . . .

To be clear: blocking The Crazy Ex through text, social media, or whatever else you may use is not playing a game.

. Answer (1 of 21): For the narcissist there is no such thing as “no turning back” after the discard.

) and she is the one who ended it.

Some men are just cowardly and are nosey.


After a relationship is finished, there is a winner and a loser.